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Residential Lighting Manufacturer- 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Many people assume that it’s very simple to light a room in their home.  Therefore, they end up just buying a light, plugging it in, turning it on, and figuring that their work is done.  However, it isn’t that simple.  The majority of the time that someone does this, their home is left feeling awkward or just flat out, not right.  That’s because a few small mistakes can throw off the feeling of a larger, naturally comfortable place.  Archipelago Lighting, the trusted leader in residential light manufacturing, is providing this list of 5 common mistakes which are made when lighting a room.  By giving an effort to avoid making these mistakes, you can make sure that your home stays feeling comfortable and natural after you add lighting to it.

1. Spread It Out

The most common residential lighting mistake that most people make is strictly sticking to overhead lighting.  Although this may be the go-to way of lighting an office, it is no way to light your home.  Too much overhead lighting takes away from the comfortability which the room already possesses.  Instead, try using some overhead lighting, in addition to a bedside lamp, a light on the coffee table, or even candles on the dinner table.  These smaller lighting additions are perfect for giving any room an extra bit of warmth.

2. Be Conscious of Shadows

If you place a light in a wrong space, it may end up being completely counteractive to what you are trying to do.  Once again, overhead lighting is notorious for casting long downward shadows.  Similarly, a poorly placed light can cast more shadows throughout a room, and thus create dark spots in places which you wanted to be illuminated.  Be conscious of these when you are placing lights around a room, so that you can position them to avoid it.

3. Utilize Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches can provide you with ultimate control over the lighting in your home.  They let you change your residential lighting depending on your mood, the occasion, time of day, and more.  For example, would you want to utilize the same exact lighting for a dinner party as you do for family game night?  Probably not.

4. Save Money By Switching to LEDs

LED lights are slightly more expensive than traditional halogen lights, but they are well worth the investment.  While halogen lights have a typical lifespan of about 1,000 hours, LEDs have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.  Therefore, it wouldn’t take long for you to see the results of your investment.  Not all fixtures are compatible with LED bulbs, but utilizing them where you can will potentially save you a lot of money.

5. Consider the Color of Your Room

The lighting of any room should always work with the color that the walls have been painted.  If your walls are painted a very dark color, then no matter how many lights you have, it will always seem like a dark room.  Conversely, if the walls in your room are painted a light color, it will take fewer lights to illuminate it.  Being conscious of this can be crucial to installing residential lighting in your home.


Archipelago Lighting: The Top Residential Light ManufacturerThe Top Residential Lighting Manufacturer

The best step that you can make towards saving a lot of money in the long run is to stick with a residential light manufacturer that you know you can trust.  It can be difficult to find a company which has the products that can stand up to the strength of their brand name.  Many residential light manufacturers which have their products in chain stores are only well known because of that marketing exposure.  In fact, they are often known for selling products which are not durable or reliable.  Luckily, Archipelago Lighting is not one of these companies.  

At Archipelago Lighting, we manufacture all of our residential lighting in our factories in both Southern California and China.  This international manufacturing process allows us to distribute our products all over the world with the knowledge that they are all of the highest quality.  Below are some of our options for residential lighting:


  • Our Nostalgic Series features a-lamps, candles, globes, and lamps, which makes for a wide variety of lighting to choose from.
  • All of our Nostalgic lighting is guaranteed to produce no visible flicker.
  • They naturally dim, meaning that when they are in use during daytime hours, they don’t waste unnecessary energy.  
  • We also feature Sunburst RCH party lamps, which come in a large assortment of shapes, colors and designs.  They are the perfect visual complement to any festive gathering.
  • Everything in our Nostalgic line is JA8 compliant, meaning that if you upgrade to them, you may be eligible for a utility refund.


  • Our vintage series lights are known for presenting a classic, refined look while also conserving energy and saving on electricity expenses.
  • We offer creative Vintage Edison Fixtures, Candelabras, Globes, Radio, and Tubular designs.
  • Our Vintage line has all been tested for both indoor and outdoor wet locations.  
  • They are the best balance between classic decor and functionality.


Archipelago Lighting is the trusted leader in residential light manufacturing.  Our semi-automated manufacturing process allows us to be creative and innovative with our designs.  All of our products are designed for optimum functionality, as well as energy and monetary conservation.  Visit our website to check out some more or our product lines, and to find out about our special offers!

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