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NSF Certified Commercial Lighting

If you are in the commercial food industry, whether it be a restaurant or a catering service, or anything in between, then you should know that all commercial food equipment must be NSF certified.  This ensures that all equipment you use is best suited for your environment.  Failure to use NSF certified equipment can result in many serious repercussions, so you want to make sure you are in compliance.  That’s why Archipelago Lighting makes sure that our commercial lighting products are NSF certified: we want to help you and your business succeed by easily being in compliance with all health and safety standards.  This article will go into further depth about why you should certify.  Let’s get started!

The FDA Food Code Requires NSF Certification

And that means that Health Inspectors look for this when they visit your establishment.  It is vital that you can demonstrate that your equipment is in compliance with this measure, in order to avoid any major consequences.  The FDA requires this certification so that everyone can be sure that you are using safe equipment.  They break this requirement into three sections:

1.Food Contact Materials

This is the least relevant requirement for commercial lighting, as it is rare that food products actually make contact with lighting surfaces.  However, we guarantee that if there is an instance, that the surfaces all meet the NSF Certification requirements. 

2. Cleanability of the Design and Construction

This is one of the most important aspect of NSF Certification, because it is where the most problems may potentially occur.  Most commercial lighting manufacturers do not take this into account when designing their products.  At Archipelago lighting however, we make sure that all components are able to be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with ease.  This ensures that food residue, grime, dust, and other harmful materials don’t get trapped within the lighting fixtures, where they can easily be spread to other, fresh products.  Our simple, fool proof designs make cleaning a simple process, so that there is no reason for it to ever be overlooked. 

3. Performance

About equally important as the cleanability of commercial lighting fixtures is their performance.  For instance, it is imperative that heat lamps can reach the proper temperatures and maintain them.  Failure to meet this measure may mean that the food you are serving is improperly stored and/ or served.  That’s why Archipelago Lighting prides ourselves on the durability and reliability of our products.  Our commercial lighting fixtures function to keep your food warm and your customers safe.  Low maintenance and quality performance are at the core of each and every one of our designs.  

At Archipelago Lighting, we take NSF Certification seriously, as it can save your business a lot of money and more importantly, it can save your customers from harm.  Visit us at ArchipelagoLighting.com to view our extensive catalog of commercial lighting fixtures and to ask us any questions you may have.  We are dedicated to providing the lighting that can help your and your business succeed.  

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