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How to Save on Residential & Commercial Lighting

Whether you are looking to upgrade your commercial or residential lighting, Archipelago Lighting is here to help you save money and energy while using the highest possible quality lighting.  Not only can we help you save on your monthly electricity bill, but we can also help your home achieve better lighting overall.  First of all, it can’t be stated enough that a brand name and/or a higher price does not always make for a higher quality product!  Below is a list of tips, provided by Archipelago Lighting, for choosing the best commercial and residential lighting manufacturer you can find.  

Purchase Durable Products

With both fixtures and bulbs, it is imperative that you buy quality products, in order to achieve the best possible lighting and in order to save the most amount of money.  For example, LED lighting has a much longer lifetime than traditional halogen lighting.  This means that you’ll have to replace light bulbs much less often.  You should also invest in lighting fixtures which boast the same level of durability.  It seems counteractive to purchase new commercial lighting fixtures at low prices, just to have to replace them in a few years when they wear down.  Just like the rest of these tips, the key here is to consider long term investing: although it may cost you a bit more now, it will certainly pay off in the future, when your commercial lighting fixtures last for years on end.  

Choose Efficient Fixtures

With options for brighter LED lights available, comes the variety of fixtures which help optimize light output.  Instead of using traditional fixtures which focus light downwards, you might want to invest in fixtures which aim to spread light.  This can help you save on both light fixtures and bulbs.  Check out Archipelago Lighting’s options here.  


Utilize LED Lights

This is the most important aspect of upgrading your commercial lighting.  If you don’t already have LED lights, you should seriously consider upgrading to them, as they are great for the environment and for your wallet.  If you already have LEDs, then: 1.) Make sure that the light fixtures you switch to can still support them and 2.) Know that you have options for LED brightness and designs.  Some LED lights have increased brightness, so that you can install fewer fixtures.   

Replace Halogen Lights

It’s no secret that halogen lighting wastes excessive amounts of energy.  In fact, switching to LED lights can save you from 70 to 80 percent on your electricity bills!  If this isn’t enough incentive for you to make the switch then consider this:  While traditional lights have a typical lifespan of 1,000 hours, LED lights average at about 50,000 hours.  Thus, LEDs can save you even more money in the long run!  

Use Motion Sensors

It is extremely common for employees to accidentally leave a light on overnight or even over a weekend.  If this happens often enough, it can drastically increase your electricity bill.  Motion sensors can completely eliminate this probably.  In fact, since they turn off every time someone isn’t in a given room, they can end up saving you money in the long run!  This is a perfect example of a good long term investment, in terms of saving on your commercial lighting.

Archipelago Lighting: Commercial Lighting Highlights

The best step that you can make towards saving a lot of money in the long run is to stick with a commercial light manufacturer that you know you can trust.  It can be difficult to find a company which has the products that can stand up to the strength of their brand name.  Many commercial light manufacturers which have their products in chain stores are only well known because of that marketing exposure.  In fact, they are often known for selling products which are not durable or reliable.  Luckily, Archipelago Lighting is not one of these companies.  

At Archipelago Lighting, we manufacture all of our commercial lighting in our factories in both Southern California and China.  This international manufacturing process allows us to distribute our products all over the world with the knowledge that they are all of the highest quality.  Below are some of our options for commercial lighting:

  • Office Lighting

We also offer a line of LED Shop Lights, which are intended to be suspended from or installed directly into relatively lower ceilings.  They can be installed very easily and can be daisy-chained for up to 3,000 feet as well.  We also feature our Linear Series, which are essentially LED tubes, or Linear Fluorescent Retrofit Lamps.  They are great for saving on energy and money!  

  • Warehouse Lighting

For warehouses, hangars, storage facilities, and more, we have designed our LED Linear HighBay luminaires.  They are perfect for mounting heights between 15 and 50 ft.  They are dimmable and feature easy ON/OFF functionality, which can drastically lower your monthly electricity bill.  In fact, our Linear HighBay luminaires can save up to 55% energy, compared to traditional warehouse lighting systems.

Archipelago Lighting: Residential Lighting Highlights

At Archipelago Lighting, we manufacture all of our residential lighting in our factories in both Southern California and China.  This international manufacturing process allows us to distribute our products all over the world with the knowledge that they are all of the highest quality.  Below are some of our options for residential lighting:


  • Our Nostalgic Series features a-lamps, candles, globes, and lamps, which makes for a wide variety of lighting to choose from.
  • All of our Nostalgic lighting is guaranteed to produce no visible flicker.
  • They naturally dim, meaning that when they are in use during daytime hours, they don’t waste unnecessary energy.  
  • We also feature Sunburst RCH party lamps, which come in a large assortment of shapes, colors and designs.  They are the perfect visual complement to any festive gathering.
  • Everything in our Nostalgic line is JA8 compliant, meaning that if you upgrade to them, you may be eligible for a utility refund.


  • Our vintage series lights are known for presenting a classic, refined look while also conserving energy and saving on electricity expenses.
  • We offer creative Vintage Edison Fixtures, Candelabras, Globes, Radio, and Tubular designs.
  • Our Vintage line has all been tested for both indoor and outdoor wet locations.  
  • They are the best balance between classic decor and functionality.

Archipelago Lighting is the trusted leader in commercial and residential light manufacturing.  Our semi-automated manufacturing process allows us to be creative and innovative with our designs.  All of our products are designed for optimum functionality, as well as energy and monetary conservation.  Visit our website to check out some more or our product lines, and to find out about our special offers!

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