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Vintage Series | FlexⒶRCH

Unique retro spiral design with flexible filament LEDs. Perfect mixture of the imitative vintage style of the past with technical innovation. Pair these lamps with any dimmer, from TRIAC to complex control panels, for OFF to 100% dimmability.

Key Features

  • Natural Dimming – dimmable from OFF to 100%
  • Wider range of compatible dimmers (TRIAC, ELV, control panels, etc)
  • Suitable for Enclosed and Wet Locations
  • 25,000 Hours Rated Life
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 360° Light Distribution
  • UL Listed


Part NumberWattageLumenCCTBeam AngleWarranty
LTCB10X20022CB-LT3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
LTCB10X20022MB-LT3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
Part NumberWattageLumenCCTBeam AngleWarranty
LTST19M20022MB-LT3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
LTST19X20022MB-SC3.5W300LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
LTST19X20022MB-SV3.5W300LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
Part NumberWattageLumenCCTBeam AngleWarranty
LTG165X20022CB-LT3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
LTG165X20022MB-LT3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
Part NumberWattageLumenCCTBeam AngleWarranty
LTG25M20022MB-SH3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
LTG25X20022MB-SV3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
Part NumberWattageLumenCCTBeam AngleWarranty
LTG40X20022MB-SV3.5W200LM2200K3603 Years – 15,000Hrs
Part NumberWattageLumenCCTBeam AngleWarranty
LTTB9X20022MB-SV3.5W350LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
LTVC19M20022MB-SH3.5W350LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
LTVC19X20022MB-SC3.5W350LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
LTVC19X20022MB-SH3.5W350LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
LTVC19X20022MB-SV3.5W350LM2200K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs
LTVC19X35020MB3.5W180LM2000K3603 Years – 25,000Hrs