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5 Reasons to Make the Switch to LED Bulbs

Although you may not think it’s all that important, it is vital that you replace your old incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs as soon as possible!  Not only are outdated light bulbs more expensive to maintain, but they are also harmful to our environment because they utilize so much unnecessary energy.  In fact, the benefits of switch to LED light bulbs are so abundant, that making the switch can save you countless time and money in the long run.  That’s why Archipelago Lighting is sharing this list of 5 reasons to make the switch to LED bulbs: we want to help you understand what these benefits are and how exactly they can affect you.  The fact that you can literally save thousands of dollars on your electricity bill, while also actively lessening your impact on the environment, means that there is virtually no reason for you to continue using outdated bulbs.  By taking the little bit of time and money required to upgrade your bulbs, you can do yourself and your environment a huge favor.  So what exactly are these benefits?  

They Are Better for the Environment

Did you know the LED bulbs use up to 80% of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs do?  If each bulb in your home is replaced with an LED one, imagine how much energy just your household alone can save!  Now imagine how much energy we could collectively save if we all replace all of the lightbulbs in our homes with LED bulbs.  It’s easy to see that we can potentially save a lot of energy if we all make the switch.  However, there are also other factors to consider when switching to LED light bulbs.  By using less energy, LEDs bring with them a multitude of other benefits.  The rest of this article is dedicated to explaining the most substantial of these benefits, if the positive environmental effects aren’t enough to persuade you.      

They Will Save You a Ton of Money

For starters, using less energy makes for a lower electricity bill.  Therefore, the more traditional incandescent bulbs you replace with LED bulbs, the more money you’ll save in the long run.  It is worth noting that the initial cost of of LED bulbs is significantly more expensive than that of older fluorescent light bulbs.  However, the promise of a lower monthly electricity bill, coupled with a much longer average bulb lifespan, LED bulbs pay for themselves and still end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run.  In fact, the higher initial cost is quite insignificant when it comes to how much they’ll actually save you.  They actually cost less than ¼ as much as traditional incandescent bulbs do.  

They Are Brighter

LED lighting also converts 95% of energy consumed into light unlike incandescent bulbs which convert only 10 percent of the energy for light with the rest of that 90% of energy wasted as heat.  So not only do LED light bulbs use a fraction of the energy that traditional incandescent ones do, but they also produce a much brighter, higher quality light than they do.  Therefore, you’ll get greater light coverage in your home at a lower cost.  Simply put, LED light bulbs are much brighter than traditional light bulbs.  Thus, they reduce the risk of safety hazards in your home and save you money in the long run.     

They Last Longer

As if there weren’t already enough benefits of switching to LED bulbs, you should know that they have a much longer lifespan than older traditional bulbs do.  That means that you have to change bulbs much less often.  Not only does this save you additional money (which would be sent on many more replacement incandescent bulbs) but it also saves you energy.  Ultimately, LED light bulbs mean less work for you, less money for you to spend, and more light for longer periods of time.  At this point, it’s becoming more and more apparent that there are really no reasons for holding onto those outdated fluorescent light bulbs.    

They Provide Directional Lighting

With traditional incandescent light bulbs, not only do they use more energy to produce less lighting, but they also don’t direct that lighting.  Therefore, the small amount of light that is produced by these bulbs is able to quickly dissipate.  However, with LED light bulbs, the lighting that you get is intentional and directional.  You can thus, provide the best possible lighting in most any room in your home or business.


Archipelago Lighting can help you make the switch to LED light bulbs with the most ease and least amount of hassle.  We’ll help you decide which types of bulbs and fixtures are best for your purposes.  Visit us at ArchipelagoLighting.com to view our full catalog and to see how we can help you upgrade to LED lighting today!

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