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4 Commercial Lighting Tips

If you are looking for new commercial lighting for your business, look no further.  Archipelago Lighting is the leader in commercial lighting manufacturing and we are here to help you through the process of relighting your business.  Whether you’re shopping for something affordable, durable, or both, we are sure to have the lighting that is perfect for you.  You can visit our website to check out our extensive commercial lighting catalog.  This article will give you a general idea of the most current commercial lighting trends and requirements, so that you can buy products you know are up-to-date.  At Archipelago, we are dedicated to providing you with the lighting you and your business need to thrive.  Let’s get started!

1. The #1 Bulb in America

A good starting point to figuring out what the current commercial lighting trends are is to look at what is most popular.  For the past few years, the 4ft LED tube has undeniably become the most purchased and used bulb in the country.  If the majority of business owners are utilizing a particular bulb, there must be a reason why.  In this case, it’s because 4ft LED tubes provide maximum light coverage while remaining a standard size.  If you look up at the lighting fixtures in most any office space, chances are that you’ll see 4ft LED tubes lining the the ceiling.  Part of the reason why they are able to provide so much light, is because they utilize eco-friendly LED bulbs.  This means that they provide the most possible light while consuming the least possible amount of energy.  Furthermore, this makes for a much more cost-efficient bulb.  You’ll ultimately need fewer of them to illuminate your entire office space and they can save you tons on your electricity bill.

2. Be Eco-FriendlyEnergy Efficient Lighting

As stated above, eco-friendly lighting makes for cost-friendly lighting, so if saving the environment doesn’t convince you to make the switch, perhaps the incentive of a lower monthly electricity bill can.  LED bulbs use only a fraction of the energy that older halogen bulbs do, and this is a great thing for both the environment and your wallet.  This means that the older halogen bulbs that you might possibly still be using are completely outdated.  In fact, they are a dead giveaway that you haven’t invested in your commercial lighting in quite some time.  LED bulbs have become so popular and widespread that it is actually more difficult to find older bulbs these days.  Archipelago Lighting provides the best top quality LED bulbs in the commercial lighting market.  They are not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, but they are also affordable to purchase and durable.  The average lifespan is easily five times greater than that of older bulbs.  With all that said, there is virtually no reason to not make the switch.  Purchase LED bulbs for the benefit of your wallet, your business, and your Earth.   

3. Look for High Quality Design

When searching for new commercial lighting, keep in mind that you should not have to sacrifice quality for affordability.  At Archipelago Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing durable, top-quality lighting fixtures at the most competitive rates.  Our LED bulbs have extraordinarily long lifespans and most come with a standard 5 year warranty, so you know that we mean it when we pride ourselves on our bulbs’ longevity.  We also take pride in the durability of our fixtures, all of which are quality constructed.  They require very minimal maintenance and whatever upkeep that needs to be performed can be easily done with the spare parts that we provide.  With Archipelago Lighting fixtures, you can rest assured knowing that all fixtures mounted in and around your office space are sturdy, durable, and reliable.  

4. ETL Sanitation Certification

If you work in the food industry, then it is crucial that you know just how crucial ETL Sanitation certified commercial lighting fixtures are.  Health inspectors are trained to check that all lighting fixtures are ETL Sanitation certified, so failure to comply can have some fairly serious consequences.  This ensures that all equipment you use is best suited for your environment.  Failure to use ETL Sanitation certified equipment can result in many serious repercussions, so you want to make sure you are in compliance.  That’s why Archipelago Lighting makes sure that our commercial lighting products are ETL Sanitation certified: we want to help you and your business succeed by easily being in compliance with all health and safety standards.  

One of the most important aspects of ETL Sanitation certification is the cleanability of design, because it is where most hazards may be present.  Most commercial lighting manufacturers do not take this into account when designing their products.  At Archipelago Lighting however, we make sure that all components are able to be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with ease.  This ensures that food residue, grime, dust, and other harmful materials don’t get trapped within the lighting fixtures, where they can easily be spread to other, fresh products.  Our simple, fool proof designs make cleaning a simple process, so that there is no reason for it to ever be overlooked.  

Archipelago Lighting is dedicated to providing the best, top-quality commercial lighting at the most competitive rates.  Visit our website to see our extensive catalog and to find what lighting is perfect for you at ArchipelagoLighting.com.  We want to provide you with the lighting that will help you and your business succeed.

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