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3 Tips for Finding a Trusted Lighting Manufacturer

So, it’s that time again where you feel that you should finally invest in some new lighting.  This is a good thing!  Perhaps your business or home can benefit from more efficient lighting, both in terms of style and expenses.  It is probably fairly easy to find a decent lighting distributor in or close to the city that you live in, but when you get there, how will you know which products to trust?  Whether you are shopping for commercial or residential lighting, it is imperative that you find a lighting manufacturer you can trust.  Start your search for new lighting with the knowledge that not all brands produce the same quality product, that spending more money doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll receive a better product, and that customer reviews and referrals are generally the most honest form of advertisement.  By keeping these in mind, you should be able to find top-quality, durable lighting for decent prices.  We could just save you some time, by suggesting that you simply shop for Archipelago Lighting products, but that’s not as helpful as writing a list.

1. Know How to Differentiate Between High- and Low-Quality Light Manufacturing

There are a number of ways to easily tell if a lighting manufacturer is making quality products or not.  Knowing a few of these can help simplify your shopping experience.  For starters, you should be very weary of any lighting products that aren’t energy efficient.  The overwhelming of modern light manufacturers utilize LED applications.  If a manufacturer is still developing products that aren’t energy efficient, that is a huge sign that they are behind the pack in terms of innovation.  It also means that their products will not be as durable or last as long as others.  

2. Popular Brand Names Don’t Always Mean a Better Product

Although it may be tempting to trust brand names that you see are used often, that isn’t always the best way to shop for lighting products.  Do some research and see what each company has a reputation for.  You might even find that some lighting manufacturers are known for selling problematic products, despite having a well known company name.  On the other hand, you might discover some companies that you have never heard of, but which offer some top of the line products.  In short, it’s best for you to find out for yourself, instead of just buying based on who has the most effective marketing campaign.  

3. Look for Customer Reviews!

In a similar sense, you should look for customer reviews and referrals instead of only trusting advertisements.  Remember that companies are (obviously) always going to present biased information in their ads.  Thus, if you’re searching for objective information, based on actual experience, then customer reviews are your best bet.  Be sure to take note of any obvious biases: It’s unfortunately very easy for inaccurate reviews to be posted, both for and against the company.  Customer referrals are also often very reliable.  Although there is most likely incentive for both parties involved, it’s very unlikely that a friend or family member will recommend a company that they don’t trust.


Archipelago Lighting- Your Trusted Lighting Manufacturer

The best step that you can make towards saving a lot of money in the long run is to choose  a lighting manufacturer that you know you can trust.  It can be difficult to find a company which has the products that can stand up to the strength of their brand name.  Many lighting manufacturers which have their products in chain stores are only well known because of that marketing exposure.  In fact, they are often known for selling products which are not durable or reliable.  We are proud to meet much higher standards of excellence.

At Archipelago Lighting, we manufacture all of our commercial lighting in our factories in both Southern California and China.  This international manufacturing process allows us to distribute our products all over the world with the knowledge that they are all of the highest quality.  Here are a few short descriptions of our various product lines:  

Residential LightingResidential & Commercial Lighting Manufacturer

We offer a wide variety of options for residential lighting, designed to complement any style in any home.  Our selection includes light bulb globes, candle-shaped bulbs, and more, which are all energy-efficient.  They are all capable of naturally dimming and adjusting to outside light levels, which means that they use less energy when they are turned on during the daytime.  In addition, we also offer Vintage Edison and Spiral Lights, as well as candelabras and more.  These are designed to provide light and energy efficiency while also presenting a classic, vintage style.  All of our residential lighting products are JA8 compliant, which means that if you upgrade to them from your old halogen lights, you may be eligible for a utility rebate.  

Commercial Lighting

Our commercial lighting catalogue is about just as expansive as our residential lighting one.  We provide outdoor canopy luminaires for gas stations, other outdoor commercial lighting fixtures, office lighting, and warehouse lighting.  All of our stringed LED lights come on 45 ft. strands, and can be daisy-chained for up to 3,000 ft.  All of our indoor lights are dimmable and feature easy ON/OFF functionality, which can drastically lower your monthly electricity bill. Lastly, updating your lights to LED bulbs can save up to 55% percent of the energy used to power them.  That means that, despite the initial investment, you will save a lot of money and energy over an extended period of time.  

Archipelago Lighting is the trusted leader in commercial light manufacturing.  Our semi-automated manufacturing process allows us to be creative and innovative with our designs.  All of our products are designed for optimum functionality, as well as energy and monetary conservation.  Visit our website to check out some more or our product lines, and to find out about our special offers!


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